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Are you a graduate student (post-baccalaureate) and do you like skiing?

Come to enjoy snow powder with your friends and use of our reduced rates on the 1 and 6 day Sybelles® ski passes.

Purchase only at the skilifts desks on presentation of the supporting documents indicated in the “Validity” tab.

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Passes Student Discount
1 day Sybelles® pass
€38,80 €50,40

29% discount

2 days Sybelles® pass
€77,60 €100

22% discount

3 days Sybelles® pass
€116,40 €145,60

20% discount

4 days Sybelles® pass
€155,20 €195,30

20% discount

5 days Sybelles® pass

€194 226,90

15% discount

6 days Sybelles® pass

€232,80 252

8% discount

The Sybelles® Student pass is available for:

  • Unlimited access to the 393 ha of the ski area and its 136 ski pistes, its numerous play areas and infrastructures
  • Bookable directly at the ski lift ticket offices at your place of stay, the offer is intended for all students (post-bac) who have either:
    • a valid student card (with the dates of the current school year mandatory),
    • a certificate of education for the current year and a valid identity document (CNI, passport or driving license).
  • Rechargeable support at 1.50 €: this is a rechargeable free card that you can reuse during a next stay or to recharge your packages via the internet and automatic terminals offering recharging.
  • Prices inclusive of VAT at the current VAT rate
  • Subject to changes due to Covid-19, prices may be reassessed.
Consult our general conditions of sale.

Opening dates of ski area :

From 17th December 2022 to 14th April 2023, and closing on 19th March 2023 for Saint Colomban des Villards.

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Student pass
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  • Le Corbier
  • Saint Jean d’Arves
  • Saint Sorlin d’Arves
  • La Toussuire
  • Les Bottières
  • Saint-Colomban-des-Villards